Diagram of the kidneys

Author: Matthew Hoffman, MD Kidney Pain Location. Kidney pain location is usually localized at the back, often on the area where muscle pain is also felt. However, the exact location differ from

person to person in which the pain could be felt on the mid to lower back and could spread towards the flank, upper back and other parts of the body. Some even feel kidney pain on the testicles or groin. Kidney Pain. Most people are born with two kidneys which are bean-shaped organs on each side of the middle back. In the medical field kidney pain is usually called flank pain because it is noted most in the middle back or flank area. The kidney is a filter for the blood and works to remove waste materials. Author: Kalyani Dhake Kidney Pain Location in the Body with Diagram. Kidneys are the osmoregulatory organs. The main function of each kidney is to filter waste products from the blood, such as urea, excess salts and other toxins. Symptoms associated with kidney pain (also termed renal or flank pain) are discomfort (acute or

chronic), aches, Structure of the Kidney (With Diagram) | Organs | Human Physiology. Kidneys are dark brown in colour and are embedded in a mass of fat. On the upper end of each kidney suprarenal glands are situated like a cap. Each kidney is about 10 to 13 cm (4- 5 inches) in long, 6 cm. (2 ½ inches) wide and 3 cm. (1 ½ inch) in thickness. The average weight of adult kidney is about 150 gms. in males and 135 gms in … Kidney stones. Kidney stones are one of the

most common reasons for severe sharp, flank pain …Urinary tract infection (UTI) Because your kidneys in your middle back are connected to your …Kidney infection (Pyelonephritis) Any kind of infection in your kidney will cause dull flank pain as …Kidney injury. A blow to your middle back could injure your kidneys and cause kidney pain because …See all full list on healthyandnaturalworld.com The urinary system, at a high level, contains two kidneys, two ureters, a urethra, and a bladder. The urinary system is located directly

below the rib cage. The kidneys are considered the primary organ of the urinary system and work in conjunction with the other … Good News Network · Latest News · Most Popular Searches · Breaking News

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