C5 corvette cooling system diagram

C5 cooling-system rehab. Fortunately, replacement can be performed in a matter of minutes using a new part from Corvette Central (PN 245238, $84.95). But we didn't stop there. To help keep our nearly

10-year-old C5's cooling system top-notch, we also opted to install a set of fresh silicone hoses. It is important to have a diagram of the area of the car that isbeing worked upon. The cooling system diagram for a 1998 DodgeDakota is found in its maintenance manual. The cooling fan on my LT1 Chevy Corvette isn't kicking on and the car is overheating. I was told to check

the three cooling fan relays. There is one 5 pin and two 4 pin relays and I was then told that they are all bad. I replaced the 5 pin relay and then the fan would turn on when the ac or heater was

turned on but at no other time. Corvette Cooling System. The coolant level in the recovery tank should increase as temp rises and then the level should drop as the engine cools. If the coolant level stays the same through the hot cold cycle, there is most likely a leak in the cooling system or the cap itself is bad. When cooling fan relay No. 1 control circuit is grounded, both cooling fan motors run at low speed. When both relay control circuits are grounded, all 3 relays are energized, allowing both cooling fan motors to run at high speed. Engine cooling fan

system consists of 2 electrical cooling … How to drain and refill coolant on C5 Corvette. The stuff is $10 a gallon either way, so just buy two gallons of the "not-premixed", and two gallons of DISTILLED water and mix it yourself with the Dexcool. **NOTE** Make sure you buy distilled water and not mineral water or drinking water. Shop from a wide selection of C5 Technical Diagrams for your Corvette. Free shipping available. Corvette Part Diagrams for C6, C5, C4, C3, C2 and C1 Corvettes. Home Cart Contact Us. Corvette Parts & Restoration Corvette Parts . Take a look at the 900+ diagrams and you'll find your parts fast. we've got it all from air cleaners to exhaust systems, air conditioning, radiators, and valve covers all the way down to the decals and C4 aan cooling and heating system with hyperlinks to

more info c4 aan cooling and heating system with hyperlinks to more info. C5 parts diagram xcqnoxnanospinuk • c5 corvette parts diagram ac motor bing images cars pinterest rh pinterest audi a6 c5 parts diagram audi a6 c5 parts diagram. C5 Brake Duct kit $199.95. Instead of blowing air aimlessly around the wheel well, these brake ducts finish where GM left off. Air

is blown directly into the hub/rotor area to dramatically reduce rotor temperature. Works with up to 10″ wide 18″ tall front rims. These are now standard equipment on our C500/RSR. We recommend using these in

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